The 10 best beaches in Canada

Country Motto: From Sea to Sea

Canada is not just about the freezing cold, maple syrup and poutine! Canada has some nice beaches too worth visiting during the summer months. Below we explore 10 of the best beaches in Canada.

1. Melmerby Beach Provincial Park – Nova Scotia


This is the best beach in Canada in our estimation. It is known for having beautiful golden sands, warm waters averaging 19 degrees in the summer. The beach measures at an estimated 2km. It has a lot of soft sand to play and relax.

2. Brackley Beach – Prince Edward Island


Brackley beach is one of my personal favourites. Kids love to come here and make sand castles and run around. It is one of the best beaches in Prince Edward Island.

3. Martinique Beach – Nova Scotia


If you love paddle boarding or surfing, then you should definitely come to Martinique beach – and if you have a dog, bring him/her if it is possible, they will love it here.

4. Parlee Beach – Pointe-du-Chêne, New Brunswick


Parlee beach is one of the best beaches in Canada, a fun beach with a lot of fun activities to do; surfing, build sand castles, play volleyball, etc. It is said that Parlee Beach has the warmest salt water in all of Canada. This beautiful beach overlooks the Northumberland Strait, which separates New Brunswick and Nova Scotia from Prince Edward Island.

5. Wasaga Beach – Provincial Park, Ontario


Located in the most populous province in Canada, Ontario – Wasaga beach is one of the best beaches in Canada. This beach sees an estimated 1 million visitors every year. During summertime, the beach attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. The beach holds a unique status of being the longest freshwater beach in the world.

6. Cox Bay – Tofino, British Columbia


Coxy Bay beach is a very popular beach destination in Canada. It attracts a lot of families and surf lovers and when he tide is low, you can find barnacles and sea stars.

7. Long Beach – Tofino, British Columbia


Appropriately named, this beach is very long, perfect for those who like to go on long walks or running. If you have a drone, be prepared to take breath taking and stunning pictures. It is one of the most scenic beaches in Canada.

8. Devonshire Beach – Provincial Park, Alberta


Devonshire Beach is not only one of the best beaches in Alberta but it is one of the best beaches in all of Canada. It is over 1.5 kilometres long and has soft beautiful sand. This beach attracts a lot of people.

9. Bennett Beach – Carcross, Yukon


Located all the way in the Canadian territory of the Yukon, this is a beautiful and quiet beach with breathtaking views of the mountains so don’t forget your camera!

10. Grand Beach – Manitoba


Grand Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Canada attracting families and groups of friends from across the country. It is right along the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg, one of the largest lakes in Canada.